Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day Two - More Vague, Less Linear

 And now, for day two of the challenge, here is a little musing on that constant fixture of NYC life: the flower stand at your local deli. 

“Do people actually buy flowers at the deli?” the old man had asked. “Who are all these people buying flowers?”  
People who love themselves. People who want to love themselves but still can’t figure out how. People who feel sorry for themselves. People who want to forgive themselves for past mistakes. People who have to make their own happiness. People who want to bring happiness to others. People who still believe that humans are inherently good. People who want to believe that their past doesn't always dictate their future. People who miss nature when they’re trapped inside the concrete and glass bubble that is this city. People who are in love. People who are hoping this gesture will make someone fall in love with them. People who have fallen out of love but are telling themselves otherwise. People who want to feel a little less alone. People who continue to hold on to the hope that life can actually unfold like an Austen novel. People who want to say “thank you” with all their heart but they can never find the words. People who want some beauty in their life - even if it's fleeting. People who string little gestures together, who look for hidden meanings, to give their lives a sense of purpose. 
“That’s who,” said the boy. “All those people do.” 


  1. Love this list. My favorite is probably, "People who have to make their own happiness." I'd probably amend to add, "People who care deeply about their own happiness." I think I'm one of those flower-buyers who fall into that category... ;) Welcome to the challenge, fellow New Yorker! Can't wait to read more...

  2. I love the powerful use of repetition in your writing. It drives the reader to a deeper appreciation of those who buy flowers and 'why.' they take this action. This simple loving action. As a former New Yorker (6 years) I retain fond memories of my time in this unique place. Interestingly, the subject of your piece has a universal appeal. Even from here in far off Australia, I appreciate the power of giving flowers. Thank you for your insightful writing.

  3. I used to buy those flowers when I lived in the city...for many of the reasons you listed. It always felt so comforting to have those flowers in hand on the subway ride home! What a wonderful slice!

  4. I love flowers at the deli- I can't imagine the streets of NYC without adding them to the visualization.

  5. I've been to NYC many times, and each time imagine what life would be like actually living there instead of visiting. I live in a polar opposite world from NYC, a farm, in a very isolated, remote part of the world. The nearest village has 300 people, the next, 40 miles away is the largest center in the area with only 20 000. And those flowers, on the street corners, day and night, winter, summer, spring, what a quintessential aspect of NYC, and a powerful way to bring them to life.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. I think if I get the opportunity to buy some flowers today I just might. I related to several of those descriptions up there. Flowers do bring a little beauty to life, don't they?