Friday, March 8, 2013

Day Eight - Untitled

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day so this dribble is all I can muster. The end.

               Going to work is much easier now that I’ve resigned myself to my destiny: slowly rotting away in a cubicle, hunched over a keyboard like some digital age Quasimodo. But, while my life has been made less agonizing by submitting to fate as a cog in the machine of capitalism, my inner being, my very center, has shriveled down to some vile, revolting creature. My essence has turned into a slimy, writhing maggot. Don’t worry, little maggot, lie still. Soon it will all be over – before it barely began – and everything will be simple and effortless. Then you will never have to feel guilt for just accepting life as it is, for never questioning, for never truly engaging. Hush now, little maggot. Just close your eyes. It will all end soon.


  1. Oh dear. Sorry today was so hard. Hopefully tomorrow will be much, much better! Do something you love!

  2. I hope today goes better. I hate days like this, feeling meaningless is never good. At least the no good very bad day is over and you can move on. :)

  3. Strong writing here. While I've been out of the world of cubicles for a long time, these days still exist in my world. And they are bleak. You've captured it. The maggot isn't going away though, the engagement feels far too strong. I hope you figure out how to keep going with a foot in each world.