Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Five - More Cheese Than a Bowl o' Macaroni

Here is a short musing on sharing emotions in our digital age. 

Each text message sent was a sliver, a hint of their true feelings like a tiny flare intended solely for the other. It was a way of saying, I'm here. I care deeply for you, and I'm willing to give myself to you completely, if you'll only do the work of finding me. If you're willing to venture into the darkened wilderness of my emotions, into the abyss of my fucked psyche, to find the source of that miniature cry for help, then I'll rise to the challenge and be just as brave as you. If you are able to reach me under the worst conditions, if you're able to save me, then I'll give you my whole heart in an instant. I am, after all, quite sure I love you.

           However, instead of one person saving the other, each of them continued to send their hesitant little flares up into the sky. Gradually, they each inched toward the brightness of the other. Bit by bit, their flares became stronger, more certain. Soon, without realizing it, they were mere feet from each other inside the dark forest. It was now a matter of when - not if - they would find each other. They were each standing in the darkness, ready to release their final, brightest flare. Once one of them did so, all would be illuminated. They would see where the other was at last and rush together in a moment of pure ecstasy. And the delicious sweetness of the moment would only be heightened by the fact that their actual trajectory had allowed each of them to find themselves through the struggle of finding the other. In each of their attempt to save the other, they had each succeeded in saving themselves from the darkness instead.

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  1. This is striking and incredibly resonant for me.