Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day Thirteen - Spring's On Its Way!

Today finally felt like spring is on its way to NYC! Granted it was still on the chilly side (especially once the sun set) but, during the day, the sun was shining brightly and the birds were chirping away. Of course that meant I had to stop by the park on my way home from work to celebrate/people watch...

A middle-aged man is sitting on a park bench in Prospect Park. Somehow, one gets the impression that he has been a die-hard Pink Floyd fan for the past twenty years or so. The man is vigilantly observing every single passerby as he listens to the music blaring through his ostentatious headphones. Instead of an iPod, the man’s headphones are connected to an actual Discman. After a period, he decides to listen to another artist from days gone by so he reaches into the backpack sitting next to him on the bench and pulls out a stack of actual Compact Discs in their cases. After rifling through his stack of CDs, he selects an album, removes it from its case, and inserts it into his Discman. Once he’s placed the previous CD back in its case, he returns to attentively watching the people milling about Prospect Park, entirely unaware of the stares he receives in return for his relic of yore. 


  1. Love your observation here. :) Reminds me that I saw someone with an actual cassette playing Walkman last week! Thanks for sharing your slice. :)

  2. People watching the people watcher. I enjoy your observations and characterizations of the people you see in your day to day life.

  3. I love how the nice weather brings out the people watcher in us all. Interesting how the man watches unaware of others watching him. This makes me want to sit at the park and watch, too.